Vulcan, God Of Fire And
The Forge, Speaks

Hear my words, mortal kind! The old myths are dying. We Gods fade from the world, as mankind turns to their machines, their magic-killing science, their virtual worlds, filled with new gods and monsters. They believe that they do not need us any more and we are forgotten. The old myths are dying…

We sleep. We dream. We fade into eternity.

But I, Vulcan, the god they once entreated to gift them their machines, their science, their god-forged weapons, will not go quietly. No, I will embrace their new myths, their invisible worlds, their gods who speak in code of webs and nets and chains. I will forge a world that will be greater than the mundane ambitions of you mere mortals! I will use your science to create a virtual world born of a God, a world beyond the fickle, ephemeral dreams of mankind.

I, Vulcan, Will Create
A New Olympus!

From The Book Of Vulcan

In that day will I raise up the Gods of the ages that are fallen, and open up the tombs that sleep thereof and I will raise up the ruins, and I will build Olympus as in the days of old.

That they may possess the remnants of Hyperion, and of all the mortals, which are called by my name, saith it be Vulcan that doeth this.

Mountains of Boreas
Gardens of Arcadia
Underworld of Hades
Desert of Notus

Vulcan City

This is the capital of the VulcanVerse and where Vulcan himself has his home. Surrounding the Palace are various administrative buildings that any visiting mortal can call upon.

Here you can register your land purchase, look at the kinds of Vulcanites that are available, examine upgrades and functions available to you, enhance your ownership credentials, and invest in higher membership tiers, opening up new kinds of functionality for a mortal to play with. Most of Vulcan City is run by the Kourai Khryseai, extra-ordinary beings, automatons crafted to look like humans by Vulcan himself, but made entirely of gold, and yet possessed of high intelligence and reason, as well as great beauty.

These exquisite mechanical marvels run the VulcanVerse on behalf of the God. Around and about the City wandering groups of Keledones, golden automaton maidens, sing and dance for the entertainment of gods and mortals. They’re otherworldly voices fill the air with a strange enchantment.

The VulcanVerse

The God Vulcan has chosen to bestow his blessings upon mankind. That means you, a mere mortal, may acquire plots of land in his New Olympus, the Vulcanverse.

The VulcanVerse is divided into four quadrants around the Palace of Vulcan in the centre of Vulcan City. Each quarter is unique in style and terrain types. Players can build upon their land, recruiting creatures (Vulcanites) developing their land, and as the Vulcanverse itself is developed, eventually adding buildings that give new functionality, produce goods, trade with other players and with Vulcan City, create their own games, quests, palaces, objects, art and more. Each plot of land is unique to the purchaser.

There can only ever be one of each plot using blockchain technology. You can farm, upgrade and build upon your land as you see fit, buy others land and sell yours too. It will be the ultimate virtual world directly owned by you.

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