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Somewhere in the sands of the desert, three sphinxes slumber in eternal repose, awaiting the next age of the gods, should it ever come. The underworld was once ruled over by Vulcan’s uncle, Hades, but he sleeps in his immortal tomb, ignored, weakened by centuries of neglect. Silence reigns over the weed infested garden walkways of Arcadia, where roots rise up from the ground to topple the statues, and fountains. Elsewhere, there are four mountains that rise up out of the plateau, separate from those at the edges. Mt Helikon, Mt Atos, Mt Othri and Mt Nysa, where mountain nymphs, the rulers of Boreas, have not been seen in aeons. All four quadrants are in despair, so what is to be done with these realms now?

How can Vulcan restore this magnificent land to its former glory? He cannot do it alone, he needs the help of the mortals, those once feeble humans who have mastered reason and logic, created technologies inconceivable to the minds of the gods. To the ancient gods, mankind’s craft is like a new kind of magic that has empowered them in ways the old gods never imagined possible. Only the mortals can rejuvenate the white capped mountains of Boreas, discover the sphinxes of Notus, refurbish the sepulchral halls of Hades and bring life back to the farmlands of Arcadia.

The god Vulcan has chosen to bestow his blessings upon mankind. That means you, a mere mortal, can acquire plots of land in his New Olympus. The VulcanVerse is split into four unique quarters, surrounding Vulcan City. Each quarter has its own terrain, vulcanites, lore and adventures. Players can build upon their land to add buildings that provide new functionality, produce goods, trade with other players and with Vulcan City, create their own games, palaces, objects, art and so on. Vulcanites provide the ability to engage in interactive adventures with other players through battles, foraging and spying.

VulcanVerse is divided into five areas, the central Vulcan City surrounded by four quadrants.

Each quadrant has it’s own landmarks which provide surrounding plots with land buffs and are areas of interest for quests and adventures.

Who's side are YOU on.. Titans or Olympians??

Titanomachy plays a big role in not only Greek mythology, but the VulcanVerse world as well. These wars took place in Thessaly, and were also called the Battle of the Gods. These wars were between the Titans, the older gods, and the Olympians, a newer generation of gods. The Titans ruled Mount Othri, and the Olympians would rule Mount Olympus. The Titans and the Olympians fought to decide who would rule the universe. Which group of God’s will rule supreme in VulcanVerse, whose side will you choose & what hidden realms await?

Before the war started the Titans were in power, and Uranus was in charge of the universe. Uranus made his wife, Gaea angry because he locked up some of her children. These children were the Cyclopes and the Hecatonchires. He locked them up in the Tartarus, which was a prison deep below the earth. Gaea was very mad that Uranus had locked up her children, so she made them a giant weapon and told them to castrate their father. Cronus was the only child that would do as his mother told him. So Cronus and his mother made a plan to overthrow Uranus. The plan worked, and when Uranus was castrated his blood fell to earth and into the sea. From this blood, several sets of children were born. The Gigantes, the Erinyes, and the Meliae were all made from Uranus’ blood that fell to the earth. Aphrodite was born from Uranus’ blood that fell into the sea.

Cronus, with his mother’s help, overthrew his father, Uranus. However Uranus made a stunning prediction… Cronus would be overthrown by his sons. Because Cronus was afraid of losing the kingdom, he made the same mistakes his father did and turned into a terrible, angry king and did lots of horrible things to stay in power. He put his brothers back into prison and ate his children, just to keep them from overthrowing him. But Rhea, his wife, managed to fool Cronus and keep one of his children safe. This child was named Zeus…

Will Zeus lead the Olympians against his Father to victory & march towards paradise providing heroes on whom the gods conferred immortality are sent… Elysium??

Game Books

Award-winning British fantasy authors Dave Morris and Jamie Thomson are writing the much anticipated new fantasy trilogy “The Vulcan Verses”. The stories will chronicle VulcanVerse adventures, lore and quests, allowing players to blend the rich lore into a state of the art Blockchain Crypto MMORPG metaverse game.

Fabled Lands Fighting Fantasy Game Books


With more than 100 books to their names, the authors are considered among the most successful British gamebook authors, writing the Fabled Lands, Fighting Fantasy, and The Crystal Maze gamebooks. Gamebooks are interactive stories where the reader can choose the story’s direction through their own choices.

Both authors are also game developers who often write gamebooks and supporting works for fantasy and role-playing games and have worked with some blockchain projects before. One of Thomson’s most successful series has been published worldwide, selling in excess of 60,000 copies in the UK alone.

Thomson said the trilogy will be set in the Vulcanverse universe, which blends Greco-Roman mythology and high fantasy:

“The books will be a prequel to the virtual game, documenting the journey from technology and atheism taking over to the point when the old gods must choose either to fade into memory or to take things into their own hands.”