Frequently Asked Questions

VulcanVerse is an open-world massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) backed by blockchain technology with lore written by fighting fantasy authors. What this means is that inside VulcanVerse, players can truly own assets in the form of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).



By owning and improving their land parcels (each sized 20m x 20m and represented by non-fungible tokens, NFTs), enables players to reach a higher rank and gives access to new features, building tools and Vulcanites (collectible NFT creatures that accompany you along your journey).


In current BETA you will require Land to access the game, which you can buy on the Marketplace or rent with our Cedalion Program within MyForge. Join our Discord: to find out more.


Land inside Vulcanverse is divided into plots that can be owned, traded, and built upon. Each plot has a unique NFT ID that grants access to it in-game. These plots are divided into four quadrants, each with its own unique characteristics and qualities: The Underworld of Hades, Gardens of Arcadia, Desert of Notus and Mountains of Boreas.

Vulcanites are the primary creatures of the VulcanVerse. These formidable beasts accompany the player through their journey in VulcanVerse. Each of them is unique and has skills that can be powered up. All Vulcanites have specific lore and belong to one of the four quadrants.


Vulcanites can be purchased or traded for in the Marketplace — on occasion, they can also be won through competitions or quizzes hosted on the Vulcan Forged social media accounts, such as Discord or Telegram (tip — join or follow them all!).

Vulcanites will also be able to be summoned in-game by finding various items and scrolls required to bring that vulcanite to life! Vulcanites are NFTs, so you will need to setup your MyForge account to store them.

Inside VulcanVerse there are Gods in the form of Titans and Olympians based on Greco-Roman mythology. These gods are not physically represented in-game but have a plethora of blessings and abilities to grant players, according to their own lore.


These Titans and Olympians are DYNAMIC NFTS meaning their look and level can change as they reach higher levels. Each will start at level 1 as a child and can be leveled up by locking $PYR into them.

In Vulcanverse your Vulcanites get sent foraging, depending on their level and stats you have a lower/higher chance of finding an NFT, these come in various types, from items that provide buffs to spells, seeds and fragments that can be used to summon Vulcanites. You can also find Berserk NFTs in-game, these cards can be used in our CCG Berserk: Vulcanites Unleashed.


Once a player has earned a total of 10k XP (XP is earned through most in-game actions) their account becomes eligible to earn $LAVA, the Vulcan Forged ecosystems Play-to-Earn token. Having reached the threshold of 10k XP, all actions that earn XP now also earn $LAVA.